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0.7km of Ukraine’s new double-track Beskid Tunnel will be completed in 2014

L10038770.7 km of Ukraine’s new double-track rail Beskid Tunnel  will  completed in 2014, stated Vladimir Kozak, Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure. Works have already started in early November last year. Beskid Tunnel is the the largest infrastructure project in Ukraine,  total construction costs reaching to UAH2.194 billion, out of which UAH1.5 billion represent construction and installation works cost.  

He stressed that the completion of the tunnel, expected in 2016, will increase capacity from from 47 to1 00 pairs of trains every 24 hours and the speed in the tunnel will increase from 40 to 60 km/h.  

The Beskidskiy tunnel is the second in length railway tunnel in Ukraine and was built in 1886. The new tunnel will pass at a distance of 30 meters to the left of the current. Artificial structures, length 1764.5 m, will run the 182-meter depth from the surface of the Beskid ridge (781-807 m above sea level), width – 10.5 meters, height – 8.5 meters. The tunnel will be equipped with modern appliances working and emergency lighting, ventilation, video surveillance, control sensors to determine the level of harmful emissions and continuous monitoring of the internal state of the tunnel by means of signaling and communications, fire protection systems and corrosion protection.

The contractor for the design and construction of the tunnel Beskid is JSC Construction Association “Interbudmontazh”.

The main volume of construction:

Tunnel length (including portals) 1822 m
Tunnel length: 1764.5 m
Number of railway beds: 2 (two-way)
Face area (output) in the construction of: 120m ²
The total amount of concrete, including:  81,872 m ³
  • shotcrete (sprayed) concrete (primary tunnel lining)
33,224 m ³
  • concrete (secondary tunnel lining)
48,648 m ³
Total number of valves, including: 7171 tons
  • arch (the primary tunnel lining)
2405 tons.
  • reinforcement cages (secondary tunnel lining)
4766 tons.


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