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10% minus 1 shares of Kazakhstan Railways to be sold in 2016

The government of Kazakhstan approved the list of the companies in Kazakh National Welfare Fund ” Samruk-Kazyna” portfolio to be part of the Privatisation program.

According to the document, 28 companies in the structure of Kazakhstan Railways (KZT) will be privatised. 10% minus 1 shares of KZT will  be sold in 2016, within the framework of IPO (initial public offering) and SPO (secondary public offering). After 2016,  it is planned to complete or to partially sale shares in eight companies of JSC NC “Kazakhstan Temir Joly”.

“The activity on the privatization of assets will take place in maximum transparency, and we intend to permanently publish data on the sale of our assets to the private sector”, stated Nurlan Rakhmeto,  CFO of Kazakh National Welfare Fund “Samruk-Kazyna”. 

Photo: JSC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”

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