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40% of Russian Railways’ tickets sold online

In 2016, Russian Railways (RZD) sold 40% of its train tickets via the online sale channel. On the 26th of February, the official mobile app of Russian Railways, Train Tickets, will become available for free on Android smartphones and tablets at Google Play stores and Play Market. With this app, passengers can check the schedule of long-distance trains, buy tickets via credit card payments, and check the details of previously acquired travel documents. There is no commission, and the prices are the same as on the official website of RZD. Also on line, (pass.rzd.ru) , passengers can purchase tickets for a limited number of international routes (Moscow–Berlin (Strizh), Moscow–Berlin–Paris, Moscow–Nice, Moscow–Prague Moscow–Warsaw, and Moscow–Helsinki).
At ticket-sales points of Federal Passenger Company (FPC), a subsidiary of RZD for long-distance passenger travel), located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Rostov-on-Don, one can purchase ticket through the Euronet reservation system for SNCF, OBB, DB, RENFE, Trenitalia and other European carriers. Tickets for Russian trains can be bought abroad as well, e.g. in Germany, France, Poland, Austria, and the Czech Republic.
rzd_2According to research, more than 80% of passengers would like to have access to the Internet while traveling, says RZD. Since the beginning of 2016, RZD  has increased the the number of long-distance trains with a Wi-Fi-access portal with multimedia content to 30. The portal can be used to view the schedule, menu, dining car and news for passengers, obtain information about the route, buy a train ticket and watch movies.
In addition, all high-speed Sapsan trains are equipped with Wi-Fi and since last year with  an information and entertainment resource. Russian Railways plans to develop this portal in the future, which will allow the maximum number of digital services and passengers will be able to use them without leaving their seat.  The digital platform on Sapsan high-speed train is built on an Axinom solution and will include the full on-board entertainment services such as movie streaming, magazines, and music, on board shopping, promotions and advertising. In addition, passenger information services will cover passenger surveys and crew messaging services.

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