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ABB improves power quality across Bulgaria’s rail network


Bulgarian National railway infrastructure company (NRIC) uses ABB solutions in order to address power quality challenges across the network. 

Large varying non-linear loads are an inherent feature of electrical railway traction systems. Since the load changes dynamically and constantly, the traction power supply system draws a high amount of reactive power resulting in low power factor affecting power quality. Poor power quality is not only harmful to the traction system itself, but also prone to spreading through the supply grid and can cause disturbances to other users on the same grid. It also results in non-compliance to grid codes, leading to financial impact in the form of penalties.

“Power quality is key to improving grid reliability and helps to optimize operating costs and ensure grid code compliance. It also enhances energy efficiency, leading to lower carbon emissions, minimizing environmental impact,” says Giandomenico Rivetti, Managing Director of ABB’s High Voltage Products business unit, a part of the company’s Power Grids business.

NRIC has installed ABB’s step-less reactive power compensators PQC-STATCON in five traction substations.

The PQC-STATCON technology is used to provide reactive power support for grid-based supply networks. By installing this technology at various nodes across its electrical system, NRIC will experience improved power quality and better compliance to grid codes. Further benefits are accurate and precise compensation without the need for manual intervention, voltage stability and avoidance of penalties by the grid.

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