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Albanian Railways priority projects

The Albanian Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has established four railway projects to receive investment of EUR 400 million. The Albanian Railway network has 441 km (kilometers) of single track and was built between 1946 and 1986, to serve the Albanian industry. The most important passenger connection is Durres-Tirana line.

The connection to Montenegro was built in 1986, rebuilt to its previous conditions in 2003 and gives access to the European railway network. It is the most profitable line for railway freight transport.

So far investment in the upgrading the railway infrastructure was very low, funding being directed only to essential maintenance works. The signaling system is almost completely life expired and many of its components were damaged throughout the years.

Tiranë – Rinas (Airport) – Durrës railway segment

The central location of this railway segment, between Tirana and Durrësi as the most populated urban areas in Albania, makes it an attractive infrastructure development project. There is an existing railway between Tirana and Durres and the new project would consist of the restoration of the current infrastructure and the addition of the Tirane – Rinas segment. Total cost for this segment of 50 km is estimated at EUR 50 Million. The preliminary feasibility study is available, however no detailed design is available.

Durrës – Vlorë railway segment

The railway segment linking Durres (Corridor VIII) with Vlora and all its industrial and trade area. Total cost for the 105 km railway segment is estimated at 100 EUR Million.  There is only a preliminary feasibility study available for Durres-Rrogozhine segment.

Durrës – Hani Hotit (Montenegro Border) railway

The railway segment linking Durres (Corridor VIII) with Milot industrial area, Shëngjini Port area and goes directly to the border with Montenegro. Total cost for the Durres -Hani Hotit segment is estimated at EUR 100 Million. The preliminary feasibility study is available, however no detailed design is available.

Durrës – Lin, Pogradec (Macedonia Border)

This segment is of vast potential due to the link that could be established with Macedonia. Passing through the industrial area of Elbasan, the segment currently ends in Lin (Pogradec), 2.7 km from the Macedonian border. Total cost for this segment is estimated at EUR 150 Million. The preliminary feasibility study is available only for the Durres-Elbasan railway segment.

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