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Alstom and Qatar Rail unveil the design of Lusail Citadis tram

Alstom and Qatar Rail have unveiled the design of the Citadis tram of Lusail which will circulate on the 4-line tramway network.

The design of the Lusail tram, with its front shaped like the bow of a vessel, is inspired by the Dhows, traditional boats of the area. The tram’s blue tones also reflect the sea, inviting passengers to climb aboard and take a cool break from the heat of Qatar. The interior design echoes the architecture of the area, incorporating touches of yellow that recall the Lusail flower.

Alstom as part of a consortium was awarded by Qatar Railways in June 2014, an integrated tramway system contract for the engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of 4 tram lines, totalling 38 kilometres (of which 10 kilometres underground) with 30 stations. The contract also includes the supply of Citadis trams, power supply, signalling and track works

The Citadis tram for Lusail is 33 meters long in single unit and can accommodate 207 passengers in “common” and“family” classes. It can be coupled to double its capacity. The tram features the latest technologies such as the permanent magnet motors which reduces energy consumption. The Lusail tramway will be powered via APS – a 12 year proven technology for catenary-free operation – on all the lines at-grade. The solution which is able to operate in harsh climatic conditions without compromise on performances allows to preserve aesthetics of city centers.

With 17 integrated tramway solutions projects awarded, Alstom is the world leader in this field. Alstom is currently managing the construction of 7 integrated tramway systems including Cuenca (Ecuador), Rio (Brazil), Sydney (Australia) and further projects in Algeria.

The Citadis trams for Lusail will be manufactured in La Rochelle (France) for the first five trams and the remaining ones in Barcelona (Spain). The following Alstom’s sites in France will also be involved in the project: Le Creusot for bogies, Ornans for the engines, Tarbes for drive, traction chains and equipment, Villeurbanne for onboard electronic systems and passenger information, Valenciennes for interior design and Saint-Ouen for the tram design.

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