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Austria – 2013 rail freight transportation data

In 2013, a total of 95.4 million tonnes of freight were transported on Austria’s railway network by all domestic and foreign railway operation companies, a decrease of 5% compared with the previous year.

Inland transport amounted to 28.8 million tonnes, representing a 30.1% share of the total transport volume. International goods receipt to 26.9 million tonnes, international goods dispatch to 16.8 million tonnes and transit to 23.0 million tonnes.

The transport performance (i.e. the product of transport volume and distance) on Austrian territory totalled 19.3 billion tonne-kilometres (tkm), dropped 1% drop compared to 2012. Inland transport accounts for 4.6 billion tkm, international goods receipt for 5.5 billion tkm, international goods dispatch for 3.7 billion tkm and transit for 5.4 billion tkm.


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