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Authorised capital of Russian Railways increased by RUB 64.2 bn

Russian Government has approved the proposal submitted by the Ministry of Transport to increase the authorised capital of Russian Railways by RUB 64.2 bn (EUR 1 bn). The money will be invested in the development of the railway infrastructure of different regions in the country.

In accordance with the federal budget for 2015, the funds are to be used as follows:

– RUB 19.2 bn will be allocated for the implementation of priority infrastructure investment projects in Moscow region;

– RUB 3.03 bn  for design works of Moscow – Kazan high-speed railway line construction;

– RUB 11 bn for the implementation of priority railway infrastructure investment projects in the area of ​​Mezhdurechensk – Taishet;

– RUB 16.8 bn for the modernization of the railway infrastructure of the Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian railways;

– RUB 3.5 bn for the implementation of “Integrated reconstruction of Maxim Gorky – Kotelnikovo – Tikhoretskaya – Crimean bypassing the Krasnodar hub” investment project;

– RUB 6.5 bn for “Construction of the railway line Prokhorovka – Zhuravka – Chertkovo – Bataisk” project;

– RUB 1.9 bn to implement measures to develop the Moscow Region transportation system.

RUB 2 bn are allocated to the project “Start-up facilities for Berkakit – Tommot  railway line for freight and passenger traffic” (Sakha Republic, Yakutia).


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