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B Logistics group registers growth for the first time

In 2015, B Logistics managed to put a stop to the downward trend in transported volumes which started in 2012. The transported volumes of 29.4 tonnes last year exceeded the 2014 levels by 4%. This is a result of a new commercial dynamism. Accordingly, B Logistics launched six new products last year in the Green Xpress Network, a network of fast, direct and reliable rail links between economic hubs in Europe (www.greenxpressnetwork.com).

The renewed confidence of customers is reflected in the conclusion of long-term contracts. Final steps to recovery The further recovery and increase in volume are reflected in the substantial improvement of operating profitability. The EBITDA has gone from €9 million in 2014 to €15 million in 2015. This means a 70% improvement. A strong positive trend can also be seen in the EBIT from -€37 million to – €12 million in 2015, with which B Logistics is approaching financial equilibrium.

Looking back at 2009, when the loss amounted to more than €100 million, 2015 is the sixth consecutive year of structural improvement for B Logistics. 2015 was a special year with two major achievements. First, the winding up of an agreement with a private shareholder. This occurred through an investment by the investment funds advised by Argos Soditic. In total €96 million was contributed in one form or another, providing B Logistics with the financial resources to pursue its future plans. The second condition was the conclusion of a social agreement giving B Logistics autonomous control over the entire staff working in the freight business.

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