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Belgrade to launch feasibility study for metro project

metro-belgradeThe City of Belgrade has presented its transport system master plan, which also includes the construction of the city’s first metro line and the expansion of BG voz uban rail lines.  The presentation was attended by Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, Mayor of Belgrade Sinisa Mali, French Ambassador to Serbia Christine Moro and representatives of the French construction companies Alstom and EGIS. 

The city traffic plan includes a detailed analysis of population trends and projections of population growth in Belgrade in the coming years, as well as the basic elements of an integrated transport model, on the basis of which the Serbian-French cooperation will be continued.

The city administration and EGIS will be working on the feasibility study and will present a concrete plan for the metro construction in the next months. “The French delegation will visit Belgrade, will analyze the entire route and the necessary elements to make a financing and construction works offer”, said Sinisa Mali. Construction works are expected to be launched in two years time. The first line will connect in phase 1 Makiš to Pancevo Bridge and in phase 2 Mirijevo, and the second line will link Ustanička to Zemun. The three phases of the construction project will have a 3-year completion period for each phase, with the total construction time of the metro system estimated at approximately 9 years. The value of the metro project is estimated at EUR 1.5/2 bn.

In 2001,  the city of Belgrade and Alstom Transport signed a Memorandum of Understanding concerning the construction of a new public rail transport system. In the following years (2002 and 2005) France financed a study on the General Concept for the Design of our Métro, carried out by ÉGIS. In 2014, Serbia and France signed a memorandum of understanding on the financing of Belgrade Metro construction.

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