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Black Sea Container Market Review 9m 2014

Black Sea container terminals of Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and Bulgaria handled 1977734TEU for 9m 2014, including empty containers, excluding transshipment. This review observes only full containers of the region – 1400576 TEU. Total growth reached by these five countries for the period is 3,02% compared to the same period last year.

Black Sea container market review 9m 2014_1The largest increases were in Georgia and Romania, respectively. For Bulgaria and Russia growth was smaller and even negative for Ukraine.





Full containers turnover by countries, TEU


9m 2013, TEU full

9m 2014, TEU full



464 268

418 621



342 019

363 935



284 698

315 405



164 197

189 292



104 329

113 323



1 359 511

1 400 576


During this period, 58,86% of the full containers handled were imported,with 41,14% of the volume being exported. It is estimated that 70,82% of the containers were full and 29,18%were empties.

Export volumes from the before mentioned countries increased by 10,55%relative to 9 m 2013.The highest export growth was reached by Russia– 22,89% and Georgia– 16,6%. Other countries showed smaller growth, Bulgaria – 11,59%, Ukraine – 8,68% and Romania 6,38%. Import volumes for the period decreased 1,66%, mostly due to rapid decrease in Ukraine -22,09%, all other countries showed increase in import, even Russia, with a small 1,51% of growth.

Thus the percentage of volume handled by each country distributed as follows:  Ukraine – 25,4%, Russia(Black Sea) – 27,7%, Romania – 22,51%, Georgia – 17,7%, Bulgaria – 7,22%.

Black Sea countries shares by full containers turnover, 9m 2014

Black Sea container market review 9m 2013_2

The top-five container terminals of the region for 9m 2014 by positions in total volumes handled: DPW (Constanta, Romania), APMTPoti (Georgia), Novoroslesexport (Novorossyisk, Russia), NUTEP (Novorossiysk, Russia), HPC Ukraine (Odessa, Ukraine). All of them showed decrease except DPW and Poti.

Black Sea Container Terminals shares by total turnover, 9m 2014

Black Sea container market review 9m 2013_3

As for the Lines in the region, the leaders remained the same: MSC, MaerskLine, CMACGM, ZIMand ARKAS. Mentioned carriers control 71,62% of this market.

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