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Bombardier to supply twelve additional FLEXITY Swift tram-trains to Karlsruhe

Bombardier to supply twelve additional FLEXITY Swift tram-trains to KarlsruheBombardier Transportation has been awarded a contract to supply 12 FLEXITY tram trains to the city of Karlsruhe, Germany. The contract is valued at approximately 60 million euro ($67 million US) and is a call-off from an order for 30 dual-system tram trains originally placed in 2009.

“Placing an order for twelve new vehicles offers several advantages for AVG and its passengers. These new tram-trains offer barrier-free access. Moreover, this is another step towards making our vehicle fleet more homogeneous”, says Ascan Egerer Chief Technical Officer of AVG.

“The world-famous Karlsruhe model ideally links the city with the surrounding region and our FLEXITY tram trains have been customized to perfectly fulfill this requirement. With this call-off, we will successfully continue our long-standing partnership with the Albtal Transport Authorities,” said Michael Fohrer, President, Locomotives, Light Rail Vehicles and Services, Bombardier Transportation.

The first 30 tram trains ordered in 2009 are already in successful revenue service in Karlsruhe and the surrounding region. These tram trains operate according to the regulations of BOStrab (German Tram Construction and Operation Regulations) and FBO (German Train Construction and Operation Regulations).

The three-section light rail vehicles are 37 m long and 2.65 m wide, with space for 244 passengers. For optimal integration into the existing infrastructure all access areas are medium-floor, but still ensure rapid passenger flow and easy access for travellers with limited mobility as well as for passengers traveling with prams and heavy luggage. Each vehicle is fully climatized, and equipped with three multi-purpose areas and a passenger toilet. Conventional air springs guarantee a smooth ride limiting wear and tear of both wheels and tracks to an absolute minimum. Overland these tram-trains reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h. The vehicles are identical to the ones originally ordered, but have integrated a number of additional customer requirements such as new handle straps for standing passengers.

The twelve additional vehicles will be manufactured at the Bombardier sites Bautzen, Germany and Vienna, Austria. The BOMBARDIER MITRAC propulsion and control system will be provided by Bombardier Mannheim and BOMBARIDER FLEXX Urban 2500 bogies by Bombardier Siegen, both sites located in Germany.

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