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Bratislava rail node feasibility study contract signed

Slovak rail infrastructure manager signs feasibility study contract for Bratislava rail nodeThe Slovak rail infrastructure manager ŽSR has signed with Bratislava Node local consortium a EUR 1.3 million contract to undertake a feasibility study for Bratislava rail node.  The four companies involved in the consortium are: Reming Consult, Sudop Praha, Prodex Bratislava and Dopravoprojekt. 

The study could be co-financed under the 2014 -2020 Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure (Priority axis 1 – Railway infrastructure, TEN – T CORE). The study is expected to be completed in August 2017. 

The feasibility study will provide a comprehensive analysis of the current standing and future prospects for the development and modernization of transport of the ten railway sections connecting Bratislava and its surroundings, as well as 12 railway stations and other 12 inter-station rail sections. Among the railway sections to be modernised are the lines connecting Bratislava with Hungary and Austria. 

The study is expected to provide solutions for the railway services improvement, the increase of service reliability, improved operations, interoperability and safety of railway infrastructure, reducing journey time, reduce noise and other environmental impacts within Bratislava node. In the future, the rail node will become the basis for suburban transport within Bratislava’s integrated transport system and will support the public transport system. The entire study should be in line with Bratislava city Master Plan.

Among the objectives of Bratislava railway junction modernization are: the increase the speed of existing rail lines on selected sections, the construction of new station platforms, the electrification of the necessary sections, the construction of new railway stops: Bratislava Lamačská brána, Patrónka, Trnávka, Ružinov, zastávka Mladá Garda, Devínska Nová Ves a Vrakuňa, elimination of level crossings, construction of new railway station at M.R. Stefanik Airport. 

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