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Bucharest metro system operator to announce major tenders this year

metrorex-m5Metrorex, the Bucharest metro system operator, plans to launch two important tenders before the beginning of November, stated Sorin Buse, Romanian Transport Minister.

According to him, construction works for the second section of M5 line (Eroilor-Piata Iancului) might be completed until 2021, considering that the tender procedure will be announced by the end of this month.

“The tender procedure will  probably last for 6-9 months, followed by the actual tender and afterwards the design period. The construction period will be 36 months, so five years in total. It’s possible that in 2021 to have operational both M6 (1 Mai — Otopeni) and M5 lines extensions. The works to the M5 line extension might start in 2019, if there will not be any appeals, ” declared Buse for Agerpres.

By the end of 2016,  Metrorex will also launch the the bidding process for M6 structural works, and the process of tenders evaluation will take up to 6-9 months, stated Marin Aldea, Metrorex General Director. “Works are expected to begin in the second half of 2017. The value of the project is estimated at EUR 1.3 billion and includes the acquisition of 12 metro trains,” he added.

Aldea also declared that Metrorex has revised its rolling stock acquisition strategy. M5 line is divided into three sections:

  • Construction works are ongoing on Eroilor — Drumul Taberei section; this segment will be operational next year and requires an acquisition of 13 metro trains
  • Eroilor — Iancului line section will be put into operation until 2023 and requires 13 metro trains
  • Iancului — Pantelimon line section is included in the sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP) starting with 2030 and a number of 17 metro trains will be purchased.

Aldea also recalled that the company’s rolling stock fleet includes 90 metro trains, of which 55-57 are in operation.


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