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Bulgaria: works on Septemvri – Pazardzhik railway section started

“Railway transport is one of our priorities”, stated the Deputy-Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Petar Kirov during the official inauguration  Septemvri – Pazardzhik railway section construction. 

Accroding to him,  the future of this mode of transport is related to the construction of a balanced system, providing safe, environmentally friendly and comprehensive service to its users. The construction of a good connection helps the regions develop its local economy and businesses and it is important for every populated area, which is located near such major transport corridor, he added.

“I am sure that in 2015 we will enjoy a modernized railway line which will contribute to the integration of our transport system in the European one”, added Deputy-Minister Petar Kirov.

Lot 1: Modernization of the railway section Septemvri – Pazardzhik is part of the project “Modernization of the railway section Septemvri – Plovdiv” which is being funding under Operational Programme “Transport” 2007 – 2013. The value of the contract for the construction of the railway section is over 75 million leva incl. VAT, (75 350 325.91 leva incl. VAT). The construction site Septemvri – Pazardzhik covers 17.5 km (35 km total length) of double electrified railway. After the implementation of the project the time needed to travel between the towns of Septemvri and Plovdiv will be cut down from 40 to 28 minutes.

The activities in the project include the construction of a new track at the railway stations of Septemvri and Pazardzhik, the construction of new pedestrian subways at the railway stations of Pazardzhik and Mokrishte as well as the modernization of the existing railway station in Septemvri. A new railway overpass will be designed in the village of Kovachevo. There will be new platforms and platform covers, as well as noise-reduction fences at the railway stations and the stops in the area. The overhead line in the area will be also renewed. The consortium “Svitelski-RVP Koehne” is the project contractor. This project is to expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

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