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CER: Megatrucks versus rail freight?

The rail sector has long had concerns about the greater use of megatrucks (alternatively known as ‘monster-trucks’, ‘gigaliners’, or even ‘ecocombis’ by their supporters) and wants to outline, with this brochure, why attempts to further liberalise their use should be opposed. In particular, the rail sector believes that allowing any wider use of megatrucks will inevitably lead to a ‘domino effect’ and, in time, to their general use across Europe. This would, in addition, be contrary to the Commission’s own agenda for modal shift from road to rail transport, most recently set out in the 2011 Transport White Paper which stated a goal of shifting 30% of road freight to rail and inland waterways by 2030, as part of the long-term move to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

Read the latest CER’s latest material on  Megatrucks versus rail freight? January, 2014 


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