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CFR Calatori plans rolling stock aquisitions and modernisation works worth EUR 1.37 bn

CFR Calatori plans 13 rolling stock projects worth EUR 1.37 bn, to be implemented in the next 8 years. The company used the Prudent Investor Test to analyse 32 investment projects, out of which the company selected 13 focusing on rolling stock acquisition & modernisation.

Among them are the following major projects:
– Renewal of EMU fleet  and depots – EUR   605 m
– Renewal of DMU fleet – EUR 415 m
– Upgrading of electric locomotives for increasing viability and efficiency of locomotives, interoperability requests & reconstruction and modernisation of long and short distance coaches, including double-deckers – EUR 89 mil
– Rehabilitation of LE (BoBo), push pull system & ETCS installation& modernisation of coaches with push pull  & electro-pneumatic braking systems~
– Purchasing of second hand DMUs (12   years average life expectancy guaranteed) – EUR 98.8 m
– Modernisation of 30 passenger coaches, different series, including car transport wagons for Bucharest – Viena route – EUR 11.8 mil
– Equipping locomotives with on board ETCS – EUR 45 mil
– Other projects: Locomotive & trains Condition Monitoring Systems (EUR 14.8 m), real-time on board passenger information systems (EUR 1 mil) etc.

cfr_calatoriCFR Calatori current rolling stock fleet counts 2360 coaches, out of which are in operation:
– 313 new coaches (13.26% of total fleet), 1183 modernised coaches (50.13% of total fleet) and 864 unmodernised coaches (36.62% of total fleet).

CFR Calatori traction fleet includes 363 electric locomotives, 244 diesel locomotives and 185 hydraulic locomotives, according to 2012 annual report.

Last year, a number of 105 framework contracts for modernisation, maintenance and acquisition of spare parts were signed, with a total maxim value of approximately EUR 108 million.

Ateliere CFR Grivita, Astra Vagoane Calatori , Electroputere VFU Pascani, Reloc Craiova, Softronic, IRV Calatori CFR Sirv Titu are among the companies to provide rolling stock modernisation and maintenance services.

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