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CIS railway administrations advised to increase transit cargo attractiveness

The railway administrations of the Commonwealth of Independent States should put efforts into increasing the attractiveness of transit cargo, declared Piotr Kucherenko, Chairman of the Directorate of the CIS Railway Transport Council.

The main tasks CIS railway administrations are supposed to accomplish are the improvement of rolling stock usage efficiency on 1520mm gauge track and the increase of transit cargo attractiveness, for higher volumes . “Judging by last year’s performance, we still feel the economic crisis. The decline in traffic volumes on all railway administrations exceeded 45 million tonnes. Judging by Q1 2014, the trend continues and the majority of the CIS states will face lower transportation figures. Last year only five administrations managed to increase transportation volumes in comparison with 2012,” stated Piotr Kucherenko.

The official underlined that the CIS railway administrations are connected by the same technologies, the same technical requirements, therefore, despite some political considerations they have a tight cooperation.


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