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Cracow City Transport tests Solaris Tramino

Cracow City Transport (MPK) will be testing a low-floor Solaris tram for the next three months on line 1 from Nowa Huta to the city centre.

The Tramino presented in Cracow is almost 32 metres long. The 100% low-floor, multiarticulated vehicle consists of five body sections. The step-free interior makes the tram passenger-friendly, especially for disabled people. The lighting in the air-conditioned passenger compartment is provided with modern and green LED technology. Exceptional design is a distinguishing feature of the Tramino from the outside as well as the inside. The test tram in Cracow is painted in red and pearl colours.

From a technical point of view, the most innovative solution the Tramino offers is that energy recovered during braking can be stored in supercapacitors. During acceleration, energy is sourced from the supercapacitors to reduce consumption from the overhead network. In this way, energy use can be reduced by between 20% and 30% when compared to other trams on market. It is the first vehicle in Poland with this technology. After adequate adjustment, the supercapacitor systems may be also used to ensure the autonomous ride of the tram.

“We follow all the new solutions available on the tram market with great attention. Hence our interest in the Solaris tram, equipped with the innovative energy storage system. It is worth mentioning that above all else, Nowa Huta residents will benefit from the test. The low-floor Tramino will run on route 1, leading from Wzgórza Krzesławickie to Salwator in the city centre,” said Rafał Świerczyński, CEO of Cracow City Transport.

“We are glad that MPK’s board is open to new technical developments on the rolling stock market and expressed an interest in testing the modern technology of Solaris trams. We do hope that the Tramino will receive good credentials among Cracow passengers. The experience obtained during these test runs will provide our Research and Development Department with extremely valuable material. That knowledge will be crucial, especially since Cracow intends to invest into new rolling stock and to develop its tram system in the nearest future. Without any doubt Solaris intends to start in the forthcoming tenders,” said Zbigniew Palenica, Member of the Solaris Bus & Coach Board for Rolling Stock.

Technical specifications

Length: 31 960 mm; Width: 2 350 mm; Height: 3 575 mm; Floor height above bogies: 480 mm; Floor height: 350 mm; Entrance height: 350 mm; Low-floor quota: 100%; Emergency coupler (manufacturer, type) Dellner, Albert Doors (manufacturer, number) ; Ultimate, 6 Clear width of doors: 2 x 750 mm + 4 x 1300 mm Seat width: 420 mm; Passenger capacity: 204 (61 seated); Track gauge: 1435 mm; Minimum curve radius: 18 m; Axle arrangement: Bo’2’Bo’; Axis-centre distance: 1800 mm; Wheel diameter (new/used): 600/540 mm; Wheel width:95 mm; Brake discs motor bogie (number) 2;  Brake discs trailer bogie (number) 4; Resilient wheels (manufacturer, type) GHH, V 60; Flange oilers (manufacturer); Traction voltage 600 V DC; Asynchronous motors (manufacturer, number) VEM, 4 Type DKCBZ 0211-4JA; Continuous power per motor 105 kW.

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