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DB Netz and PKP Polish Railway Lines sign infrastructure cooperation agreement

db-netz-and-pkp-polish-railway-lines-sign-infrastructure-cooperation-agreementDB Netz and PKP Polish Railway Lines (PKP PLK) have signed at InnoTrans an infrastructure cooperation agreement. The main objective of the agreement is to establish standard regulations for the construction and maintenance of cross-border rail infrastructure, as well as the planning and preparation of investments, regulations on operating and the allocation of routes.

The two rail infrastructure managers have agreed on the allocation of fundamental responsibilities for operations and maintenance of nine cross-border railway sections: Löcknitz – Szczecin, Tantow – Szczecin, Küstrin/Kietz – Kostrzyn, Frankfurt (Oder) – Rzepin,  Guben – Gubin, Forst (Lausitz) – Tuplice, Horka Gbf – Węgliniec, Görlitz – Zgorzelec i Hagenwerder – Krzewina Zgorzelecka – Zittau.

This new document is based on an agreement signed in 2012 by the governments of the two countries, which has already resulted in a number of implemented railway projects, including the replacement of the bridge at Frankfurt (Oder) and repairs to the viaduct at Görlitz. The upcoming projects include the electrification of Angermünde –  Szczecin and Hoyerswerda – Horka – Węgliniec railway lines, as well as the modernisation of the bridge over the River Oder at Kietz / Kostrzyn.

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