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Deutsche Bahn launches new digital services for ICE passengers

Deutsche Bahn launches new digital services for ICE passengers
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Deutsche Bahn (DB) has introduced new digital services for ICE passengers starting with the 1st of January. DB now provides high quality free WLAN in both ICE classes and in the near future the maxdome video streaming service in ICE will be available. Via DB’s portal, ICE passengers will be able to watch 50 films and serials for free and without having to download them beforehand, without using mobile data, and without having the stream cut out while going through a tunnel. In addition, the DB Navigator mobile app shows in real time the actual order of the ICE-cars. 

“We have delivered what we have promised: comprehensive WLAN for all ICE passengers,” said Dr. Rüdiger Grube, DB’s Chairman of the Board . “I would especially like to thank all the employees who have made it possible to equip 250 ICE trains with the new WLAN technology in just 16 weeks”, he added.

DB is investing EUR 120 million for WLAN, improved telephony system and a new entertainment service in the long-distance fleet. By the end of 2018, a total of 3,750 passenger cars will be equipped with the new technology. In the test phase, the new wireless system already had six million users. 

Deutsche Bahn launches new digital services for ICE passengersAround 900 antennas ensure a stable WLAN signal on the ICE fleet and some 100 kilometers of cables were installed in the ICE for WLAN technology, which is provided by the Swedish company Icomera. Until the end of 2016  about 2,600 access points will be installed. 

The new digital applications are part of DB’s 2016 “Zukunft Bahn” (Future Rail), which aims to make rail services more reliable, more comfortable and more attractive to customers.

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