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ENAG presents new PRC water filling station at Eurasiarail 2014

The PRC water filling station is designed to top up NiCad batteries with demineralized water in order to maintain the levels recommended by battery manufacturers.

It is fully automatic in operation to ensure complete operator safety. When in use, the station is wheeled close to the batteries to be filled. When stored, the station is connected to a (230V – 50Hz) mains power outlet to recharge its battery.

A major advantage of our PRC is its use as both a centralized filling station filling all the cells in one operation or as a traditional element by element filling station using an adapted nozzle.

It ikncludes a 70-litre demineralized water tank; a system of pumps and solenoid valves operated and coordinated by a control card, a 12V DC battery and a HF charger.

It is equipped with a graphic display with the following functions: cycle progress display – actual flow display – end of filling cycle display of the volume of water used to top up the batteries

It has also a main tank water level sensor and a filling circuit leakage test.

(French pavilion at Eurasiarail 2014 Hall 9 – Booth A1005)
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Communication Manager

E-mail : vlc@enag.fr

Tel : + 33 2 98 55 51 99

Fax : + 33 2 95 55 51 67


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