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EU announced contract notice for the provision of preliminary studies and designs for railway section Doboj–Tuzla–Brcko

European Union, represented by the European Commission, on behalf of and for the account of the beneficiary country, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, announced a contract notice for the Provision of preliminary studies and designs for railway section Doboj–Tuzla–Brčko (Tender No EC/BIH/TEN/13/049). The maximum budget is 600,000 EUR and provisional date of invitation to tender is September 2014.

The contractor’s assignment shall include provision of professional services in preparing preliminary studies and designs for prevailing overhaul (‘velika opravka’) and possible partial reconstruction of the specific railway sections on the priority section Doboj–Tuzla–Brčko of the SEETO railway comprehensive network.
The assignment shall take into consideration the 3 components concerning the following railway sections in Bosnia and Herzegovina:
1. component I: Kostajnica (Doboj)–Bosanska Poljana;
2. component II: Bosanska Poljana–Tuzla;
3. component III: Bosanska Poljana–Brčko–State border with the Republic of Croatia.

The task would consider preparing a full set of documents that would result in outputs to enable preparation of the preliminary and the main design for overhaul/reconstruction. This would include, but not necessarily be limited to the preparation of:
(i) technical study, including determination and elaboration of potential variants of overhaul and modernisation;
(ii) traffic study;
(iii) multi-criteria analysis;
(iv) preliminary environment impact assessment;
(v) pre-feasibility study;
(vi) revision of the preliminary solution/conceptual designs;
(vii) other studies/design(s) documents as may be deemed necessary.
The design shall consider, but not necessarily be limited to, track, structures, signaling systems, electric powering, and telecommunication systems. The documents shall be produced within the legal framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 2 entities: Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, and Brčko District, railway regulations promoted by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Railway Regulatory Board, EU technical specifications of interoperability, EU norms and standards, and BAS.

More info on http://ted.europa.eu/


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