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EU backing realization of all planned infrastructure projects in Ukraine

Principal tasks of today for the Infrastructure Ministry of Ukraine are to create conditions for shipment of domestic goods to the European countries, to use in full the transit potential of the country and draw investments into modernization of Ukraine’s infrastructure. The Infrastructure Minister of Ukraine Maxym Burbak stressed on opening on May 27 a plenary session of the International Transport Week in Odessa.

“Ukraine has signed already the political section of the Association Agreement with the EU, and we are expecting, based on the statements of the European partners, to sign in the near future FTA as well, not to mention that now frontiers of the EU were opened in one direction for our goods, so we, being transporters, must ensure their transit along Europe. The second task is having favorable geographic position to use the transit potential of our country at 100%. And the third – to attract investments into infrastructure of Ukraine,” Maxym Burbak stressed.

The Infrastructure Minister informed the Government provided support in guarantees worth UAH 12.5 billion (EUR 0.77 bn) that is to be directed to upgrade the rail infrastructure. In particular, the funding is planned to direct to modernization of the rolling stock and electrification of Odessa-Mykolayiv line. As to the European Union, according to Maxym Burbak, combined decisions were taken to construct a narrow-gauge section linking Lviv and Warsaw, another bilateral negotiations are planned to discuss construction of a narrow-gauge section linking Przemysl and Lviv.

Moreover, Ukraine and the EU pose mutual interest in organization of a transport interconnection linking the Baltic and the Black Seas. Apart from that, recently in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the framework of a meeting of Transport Ministers of BSEC participating states a joint statement of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania was signed containing priorities to develop road infrastructure in the Black Sea area. Simultaneously, due to the lending of international financial organization the work is prolonged to construct the Beskyd tunnel, reconstruct Kyiv-Kharkiv- Dovzhansky road, roads leading to Kyiv etc.

“I am grateful to the members of Ukrainian Government and our colleagues from the EU for the support of these projects. In turn the Infrastructure Ministry will do everything within power to realize them into life,” Maxym Burbak promised.

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