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2014 EU budget adjustments, two new budget lines created for Shift2Rail (S2R)

The Commission has proposed technical adjustments to the 2014 EU budget to reflect the latest decisions on the new EU expenditure programmes.

The changes do not affect the overall amount of this year´s EU Budget, but have to be formally approved by the Budgetary Authority (European Parliament and the Council). EUR 42.5 million would be transferred from Cosme and Horizon 2020 programmes to the European Investment fund to increase SMEs access to EU funding. Two new budgetary lines were created for Horizon 2020 to reflect the different research actions financed through this programme.

The amendments also include the creation of a budget structure for Shift2rail a new European initiative to foster the competitiveness of the rail network infrastructure and products. The administrative expenditure (EUR 0.48 million) will be fully offset by a transfer from Horizon 2020. EUR 52 million is foreseen for actions supported by Shift2rail, which would be financed from Horizon 2020 until the initiative becomes fully operational.

The  Commission proposes the creation  of the appropriate budget structure, including the relevant budget lines and the corresponding  establishment plan. Two new budget lines are proposed: 06 03 07 33 – Shift2Rail (S2R) Joint
Undertaking – Support expenditure and 06 03 07 34 – Shift2Rail (S2R) Joint Undertaking. These  changes are in line with the draft Council Regulation proposed by the Commission last December.  The administrative expenditure linked to the Joint Undertaking (JU) staff to manage part of the  operational appropriations under Horizon 2020 will be fully offset by a corresponding reduction of  administrative support expenditure in other Horizon 2020 actions managed by the Commission, so as  to keep total administrative expenditure under Horizon 2020 unchanged. Accordingly, it is proposed  to redeploy EUR 480 000 contribution in commitment and payment appropriations to the support expenditure line 06 03 07 33 from existing administrative support expenditure budget lines of  Horizon 2020.

As regards the operational expenditure in 2014, EUR 52 million will be committed under the H2020  Transport Work Programme 2014-2015, as indicated in the corresponding legislative financial  statement, while awaiting the launch of the S2R Joint Undertaking. The management of these actions  and the corresponding budget, as well as any amounts eventually not committed following the calls  for proposals, will be taken over by S2R Joint Undertaking once it achieves the sufficient operational  capacity. There are no payments foreseen in 2014 on the operational commitments. Therefore it is  proposed to maintain a token entry ( “p.m.”) for both commitment and payment appropriations.

The document is available at this link http://ec.europa.eu/budget/library/biblio/documents/2014/DAB/COM_2014_78_en.pdf

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