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EU: Transport sector might lose EUR 8.6 billion annually

railThe EU transport sector will lose EUR 8.6 billion every year if it doesn’t address remaining barriers, gaps and market inefficiencies in the Single Market in the next two decades, shows The Cost of Non-Europe in the Single Market for Transport and Tourism report published by the European Parliament.

In the rail sector, the main barriers identified include non-transparent public procurement, problems with non-discriminatory aces to infrastructure for new entrants, a multiplicity of authorisation and certification regimes across the EU, insufficient separation between infrastructure and service management, differences in aces charges and an enormous diversity in technical standards both for trains and rail infrastructure.

According to the report, the probable reduction of certification costs and timescales deriving from the adoption of the 4th Railway package is forecast o just 20 per cent by 2025. As well, on-board signaling costs could fall by as much as 75 per cent for cross border installation and 50 per cent in terms of authorisation, which has been estimated to lead to a potential benefit ranging between 20 million and 1.3 billion euro over the 2015-2035 period.

Standardisation of rolling stock could lead to a benefit of between 4 and 9 bilion euro until 2035, due to a foreseeable reduction in design costs. Again, the benefits of standardisation increase further as more rolling stock is replaced. As such, the benefits post 2036 could also be between 50 and 10 per cent higher leading to potential savings ranging from 6 to 13.5 billion euro.

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