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EVRAZ ready to start rails deliveries to Europe

EVRAZ completed ТSI certification of its 60E1 and 60E2 rails. They are now cleared for use in both high-speed routes and general purpose railway tracks. Issued by TUV Rheinland InterTraffic, the compliance certificate allows EVRAZ to start deliveries to Europe and other regions where these types of rails are in demand. Rails are produced at EVRAZ ZMSK where the rolling mill can be flexibly adjusted to customer requirements to produce raw (R260) and head-hardened (R350HT) rails in lengths up to 100 meters.

This is the first time EVRAZ ZMSK launches production of a TSI-compliant rail. To obtain the required certification, a comprehensive audit of the plant was made. The auditing team from TUV Rheinland InterTraffic visited the rail mill to inspect production facilities and assessed the quality management system. Also, as part of the audit, a batch of rails was sent over for testing to an accredited laboratory in Germany.

60E1 and 60E2 rails can be used for jointed track, ribbon track and switches. 60E1 is the widest-spread rail type in Europe, while 60E2 is actively used by Deutsche Bahn.

“Having the TSI-compliant rail types certified opens key export markets to EVRAZ”, said Aleksey Ivanov, EVRAZ’s Vice-President, Head of the Steel Division. “Thanks to the capabilities of the new mill and flexible production processes, the company can materially broaden its product range, adding niche products. Currently our team keeps working on new rail profiles, including head-hardened rails for low temperatures”.

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