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First EUR 200 million installment for Thessaloniki Metro Extension to Kalamaria

EIB and ATTIKO METRO S.A. signed a EUR 200 million loan agreement, representing the 1st installment of the overall credited amount of EUR 400 million, approved by the EIB for the Thessaloniki Metro Extension to Kalamaria. 

“The EIB, once again, gives its vote of confidence in the work and know-how of ATTIKO METRO S.A., since ATTIKO METRO S.A. projects could not have been executed without being integrated in the EU’s funding schemes and without being supported by the EIB, whose contribution is decisive ever since the establishment of ATTIKO METRO S.A., supporting also the efforts aiming at the Greek economic development, through the disbursement of significant amounts even in this economic situation Greece is faced with, strengthening thus our country’s efforts towards development”, stated Christos Tsitouras, the Chairman and Managing Director of ATTIKO METRO S.A.

The construction project of Thessaloniki Metro Extension to Kalamaria – with a total budget of EUR 518 million – has been integrated in the National Strategic Reference Framework – “Environment and Sustainable Development” Operational Program and is funded by EIB loans. It includes five new Stations (Nomarchia, Kalamaria, Aretsou, Nea Krini and Micra) and 4.78 km of underground line. Provision is also made for infrastructures concerning the future extension of the Metro Line to the Airport and for the construction of an organized bus transfer station to/from Micra Station, while the construction of a parking facility in the same area is also scheduled.

Through the operation of this extension, the Metro shall enhance – in terms of transport – the Municipality of Kalamaria, since it is anticipated that it will only take 15 minutes to travel from MIcra Station to the center of Thessaloniki. Thus, more than 65,000 passengers are expected to use the Metro on a daily basis. The Thessaloniki Metro Extension to Kalamaria is anticipated to be completed in 5 years and be commissioned in 2018.

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