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First Solaris Tramino arrives in Braunschweig

The first of 18 Solaris Tramino trams for Braunschweig was delivered to city transport operator Braunschweiger Verkehrs-AG in the night of 17th and 18th July 2014. Deliveries of the remaining 17 vehicles will be completed by 2015. Braunschweig is the second German city to have ordered Solaris trams.

The tram was put on tracks next to Hagenmarkt square and then photographed in front of Brunswick Palace.

The second and third Tramino Braunschweig will be delivered in the course of the next weeks. The remaining trams will reach Braunschweig by 2015.

The Solaris Tramino for Braunschweiger Verkehrs-AG are uni-directional low-floor vehicles, consisting of four body sections at an overall length of 35.7 metres. They are 2.3 metre wide. Each vehicle section has its own bogie for Brunswick’s track gauge of 1,100 mm. They are the second batch of trams from Solaris’s GTx family.

Each air-conditioned tram for Braunschweig has a capacity of 211 passengers, including 87 seated. There are six sets of double doors, each 1,300 mm wide. One of them is located right behind the driver’s cab, where there is also the wheelchair space. The space for prams is located by the fourth and sixth doors. Every section rests on one centrally-mounted bogie. Consequently, the weight of the tram is evenly distributed. The vehicle is more stable and the forces transmitted through the articulations are much smaller.

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