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First ten Lange Schlieren passenger coaches reach MÁV-START

The first ten used Lange Schlieren passenger coaches out of fifty, which MÁV-START bought from ÖBB for EUR 6.5 million, have arrived from Austria to Hegyeshalom. The units will be in use again starting from spring after renovation, where they will service regional and long range traffic near Miskolc.

The trains entered the country through the railway station of Hegyeshalom, where they were towed to the repair base of MÁV-START at Szolnok. The necessary modifications will be made there, according to Hungarian technical regulations, the so called main exam works, furthermore, the renovation of the interior and the exchange of the passenger trains ‘ windows. A lot of attention will be paid for the examination of the trains’ undercarriage and internal equipment.

The coaches will be delivered to Miskolc railway station, and starting from spring they will be used on the routes servicing regional and long distance traffic. With the gradual influx of new rolling stock MÁV-START is replacing obsolete vehicles, thus with the new vehicles the quality of service in north-eastern Hungary’s regions will continue to rise.

MÁV-START has taken into account that the vehicles are capable of speeds of 140km/h, have disc braking system, door closing has central and velocity based bolting, and also possess on board sound amplification. Alongside the most competitive price, it was also a decisive factor that the new types were well-known in the Hungarian railway system, and replacement parts were continuously insured.

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