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France’s first urban rail shuttle in Paris to enter operation in 2017

Sogaris, Eurorail and XPO Logistics will colaborate to set up France’s first urban rail shuttle in Paris.
The three companiea have signed an exclusive, tripartite agreement for the design, operation
and marketing of an innovative transport solution that will integrate an urban rail shuttle to serve Paris
and its inner suburbs. Created within the framework of Chapelle International’s logistics hotel project, the
shuttle is scheduled to commence operation in September 2017.

This landmark project in urban logistics will enable the routing of products to the heart of Paris by combining
a railway shuttle and road transport. The seamless solution is designed to provide reliable, economically
efficient and eco-responsible last mile service.
Thanks to an urban rail terminal (TFU) operating as of September 2017, companies with high commercial
density in Paris and its inner suburbs will have the opportunity to use a ‘short-line’ service between an
upstream base located in the northern region of Ile-de-France and Paris. Each shuttle will be able to
transport 60 container cars of products. The products will then be distributed on XPO Logistics trucks that
use alternative fuels such as gas (NGV) instead of diesel. This solution will contribute to the reduction of
diesel use in Paris for the transportation of merchandise, with an average of 30 fewer trucks per day on the
streets of the city.

Railway operator Eurorail, through its RegioRail subsidiary, will
provide the management of the merchandise routing by rail, including reserving train paths with the SNCF
network, renting freight cars and managing train driver teams.

Sogaris Paris : les espaces logistiques urbains, subsidiary handled jointly by Sogaris, the Caisse des Dépôts et
Consignations and Paris Haropa Port, is project lead for Chapelle International. Sogaris will work in
collaboration with railway operator Eurorail and global supply chain service provider XPO Logistics to design,
operate and market an integrated transport solution that moves goods from warehouses to the points of
As organiser of the global transport solution, XPO Logistics’ role is to design, direct and market the transport
solution, and to provide the road transport.

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