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FYR Macedonia to upgrade the entire railway network by 2022

Macedonian Transport minister Mile Janakieski announced that the railway connection with Bulgaria,  part of pan-European transport Corridor VIII,  and the upgrading of the entire railway network will be completed by 2022.

“141 years is a period worthy of esteem, but it is the wish of the government and myself a railway to be put into service between Macedonia and Bulgaria in 2022. It is a project that has been already launched. The first section from Kumanovo to Beljakovce is already being constructed and funds have been provided for the remaining two sections,” stated Janakieski.

Referring to investments in railways, the minister announced that construction works for Bitola-Kremenica section, an investment of EUR 20 million, was set to begin by end of 2014, bids for this project being expected by June or July. Additional investments include the reconstruction of Corridor 10 sections, estimated at EUR 18.6 million.

The Minister also expects the rolling stock fleet of Macedonian Railways JSC Skopje to be extended with new passenger coaches. He also stressed that in the new future Macedonian Railways will receive new freight wagons.

Macedonian Railways Fleet Renewal Project: Tender for the supply of new 150 freight wagons

Macedonian Railways JSC Skopje have awarded the Contract to the Tenderer ZOS Trnava, Slovakia. The contract value is EUR 13.2 million. Effective date of the Contract is 8th of January 2014 and the time frame for goods delivery is one year as of the Commencement date.

The other companies that submitted bids for this tender are: Legios Europe (Czech Republic), Astra Rail Industries (Romania), Djuro Djakovic specijalna vozila (Croatia), CSR Corporation (China), Consortium: Tatravagonka Poprad, (Slovakia) and Tatravagonka Bratstvo (Serbia), CNR Jinan railway (China) and Texmaco Rail Ingenering (India).

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