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G 6 from Vossloh Locomotives on duty in France as from July

Following homologation and approval for operation in Germany,  Poland and the Czech Republic, Vossloh Locomotives’ G 6 has now received the  go-ahead to work in France in the form of the AMEC (Autorisation de mise en exploitation commerciale) issued by EPSF (Établissement public de sécurité  ferroviaire).

Since its approval for Germany back in 2010 and because of its versatility (heavy-duty shunting, linking up with mainline haulage services, works haulage), the G 6 shunter has been a success story.

With an overall length of 10.7 m, the G 6 is very compact. This diesel-hydraulic locomotive is powered by a 700-kW diesel engine. Thanks to its three mechanically linked axles, the locomotive has ample tractive power, enabling it to do the work of bigger 4-axle units. The G 6 has been approved for line categories C4 and D4, it has a maximum working speed of 80 km/h and 100 km/h (towed), and can negotiate curved tracks of 50 m diameter.

As all the other family members, the G 6 can be variably configured, options  including start-stop function, fine-particulate air filtering system, radio remote  control, automatic shunting, automatic BSI couplings, radar protection system,  constant speed ranges, and remote-diagnosis. The G 6 conforms to all the latest norms, especially those covering passive  protection and diesel emissions. Environmental sustainability is reflected in its  reduced energy consumption, noise levels and CO2 emissions.

The G 6 units already at work are remarkable for their utmost reliability in terms of  operational availability. Parts standardization enhances reliability even further while  simplifying maintenance which will be carried out at a local partner depot belonging  to the recent network for France set up by Vossloh Locomotives.  Development work on the G 6 is continuing in order to offer new, greener and even  more fuel-efficient drivelines, especially in the form of a hybrid version of which the  first order has already been booked from France.

As from July 2014, the first G 6 will commence duty in France. Vossloh Locomotives’  next step is to obtain approvals for the 4-axle units of the family, the DE 18.

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