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GEFCO plans to double turnover in CIS countries

GEFCO aims to more than double its turnover in CIS  countries, according to Philip Cosse, GEFCO Director of Strategy and Finance. 

“In 2013, we signed contracts worth approximately EUR 40 million, and in 2014 we plan to generate EUR 50-100 million turnover in CIS countries “, he said. 

Cosse added that GEFCO has already started to supply the Spanish Talgo trains to Russia.


In 2013, the GEFCO Group recorded a turnover of 4 billion euros, up more than 11% on its result for 2012. Current operating income stands at 95.5 million euros, for a net profit of 55 million euros, up 28%.

According to GEFCO, 2013 was notable for the major changes at the copany, following the sale of 75% of its capital by PSA Peugeot Citroën at the end of 2012 to the JSC Russian Railways group (RZD), with GEFCO remaining the exclusive logistics provider for PSA in the world. The partnership with the RZD group provides GEFCO with a long term strategic ally and new growth opportunities, in Russia and in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

As a result, GEFCO benefits from easier access to the leading Russian and international manufacturers who operate in these markets, and can help them optimise their supply chains and improve productivity. The partnership with
RZD has provided GEFCO with another growth driver: the development of trade links between Asia, Russia and Europe through rail transport.

In order to accelerate its growth in this region, GEFCO has restructured the way it is organised and created a dedicated geographical zone assembling a “cluster” of 50 logistics experts, based in Moscow and who are already operational. In so doing, GEFCO is now in a position to add its expertise in the Russian market and in trade with Russia to the range of services it offers.

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