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Higher revenues for PKP Cargo in 2015

In 2015, the PKP CARGO Group carried more than 116 million tons of cargo (+5% yoy) and achieved freight turnover of nearly 30 billion tkm (+3% yoy). Five entities in the Group performed freight transport: PKP CARGO, PKP CARGO SERVICE and three carriers in the AWT Group forming part of the PKP CARGO Group operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The growth in freight transport outside Poland significantly contributed to the results generated totaling 12 million tons and 1.6 billion tkm. This signifies annual growth of 344% and 336%, respectively.

PKP CARGO Group’s share of the Polish rail freight market in 2015 was 55.8% measured by freight turnover and 47.7% measured by freight volume. The very demanding market circumstances affected PKP CARGO’s freight transport, especially the sharply shrinking aggregates market and the coal industry crisis.

Despite market turmoil, in 2015 the PKP CARGO Group’s revenues were PLN 4.55 billion (+7% yoy), while operating expenses were PLN 4.5 billion (+8% yoy). EBITDA rose to PLN 705 million (+40% yoy) and net profit was PLN 31 million (-60% yoy). A non-recurring impairment loss on assets of PLN 117 million was charged to this result. It does not have any impact on the Company’s liquidity position.


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