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Hungary: Szeged – Mako tram-train line planned

Szeged municipality has presented the plans for the construction of the Southern Tisza-Bridge, which will also accommodate a single track tram-train line connecting Szeged city center (Szeged Plaza) to the town of Makó. According to László Botka,  Mayor of Szeged, the value of the project is estimated at HUF 36 billion (EUR 115 million). The necessary financing will be provided by EU funds (HUF 18.5 bn) by the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) in the amount of HUF 7.5 billion and by the central government (HUF 10 billion).  

As part of the project, Szeged will have a large intermodal hub serving train, bus and tram-train systems and Újszeged  (railway station) – Mako railway line will be modernised to allow speeds of 80 to 100 km/h. 

According to Szeged suburban public transport plan, revised by TRENECON COWI Kft. , seven new diesel-electrical tram-train vehicles will be purchased. The vehicles will have a maximum length of 37 m and a capacity of 90 seats. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

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