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India and Sweden sign MoU on Technical Cooperation in the rail sector

India’s Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation of the Kingdom of Sweden on Technical Cooperation in Rail Sector signed on the 15th of February a memorandum of understanding on technical cooperation in rail sector. The main objectives of the MoU are to develop cooperation activities in the railways  to promote efficiency and sustainability and achieve concrete results with regard to bilateral trade, investment, research and technology transfer.

The following cooperation areas are identified in the MoU:

(a)               Benchmark Railways policy development, regulations, organization and specific characteristics for each country.

(b)               Exchange of knowledge, technical expertise, innovation, technology, sustainable solutions and research.

(c)                Other cooperation projects agreed between the participants, such as, tilting coaches/trains, capacity allocation (time tabling) and optimisation of maintenance and improved freight/combination traffic.

(d)              Training and continuing education program in reliability and maintenance of Rail transport system for Railway engineers and managers.

The MoU will remain in force for 5 years from the date of signing. It can be extended for a further period of 5 years with the written consent of both sides. 

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