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Indra to modernise Chilean railways data transmission system

Indra to modernise Chilean rail data transmission system
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The Chilean rail company Grupo EFE, has awarded Indra a 10-year contract for the supply, installation, configuration, testing and maintenance of a multiservice IP/MPLS communications network. This initiative supports the improvement of its data transmission system covering over 550 km of railways and their surroundings, for EUR 6.9 million.

The project includes the installation of the MPLS network equipment as part of the activities developed by Grupo EFE for modernizing its railroad network, enabling the deployment of other advanced solutions and innovative services. This network transfers critical corporate services, such as security systems, traffic control, remote control of overhead power cables, and telephone and video surveillance systems.

Currently, Grupo EFE owns over 2,000 kilometers of railway, 30 electrical substations and close to 800 km of electrified railways between Santiago and Chillán, in Regions 5 and 8. Plans include the extension of the communications network in two later phases to the remaining railroad stretches, wherefore this contract positions Indra for future tenders.

Furthermore, Indra works on installing and repairing the fiber optic network in some damaged sections due to cutoffs caused by the earthquake in Chile in 2010. It will also install, configure, and test the MPLS network’s management and monitoring systems. These systems allow for implementing proactive actions in response to situations that may affect the network, reducing the possibility of failures and achieving service availability of close to 100%.

The virtual IP/MPLS (Internet Protocol/Multiprotocol Label Switching) network Indra will install allows for offering any communications service between heterogeneous systems, gaining a more in-depth knowledge of the network’s behavior and recovering from any failure within 50 milliseconds (thanks to powerful convergence, redundancy and path reconfiguration mechanisms), keeping service unaffected.

The improvement of the communications network for one of the highest-traffic areas of the Chilean railroad is another of many of Indra’s projects worldwide for the deployment of communications networks for large transport, railroad, port or airport infrastructures. Indra is one of few companies on a global scale capable of implementing complex network integration projects, in a sector in which communications play a key role in guaranteeing citizens better service and greater security.

The multinational has various projects underway for implementing fixed and mobile communications in different railroad infrastructures, among which is worth highlighting the high-speed railway link between Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, and has already equipped the airports of Madrid, Malaga, Kuwait and Oman with Tetra communications.

Likewise, Indra is also experienced in deploying public security networks, like those already deployed in five states of Mexico, the Regional Government of Castile-La Mancha or the Rivas-Vaciamadrid City Council for equipping emergency, firefighting and police services.

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