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Izmir Metro receives Chinese metro cars

izmir_metro_csr_metrocarsChinese CSR Zhuzhou has delivered 10 metro cars ordered by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for USD 12.2 million. The two 5-car metro sets arrived at Izmir Port on the 1st of February and were stored at Halkapınar workshop Izmir Metro, the municipal public transport company, will move ahead with testing the new vehicles.

With the newly arrived metro cars, the fleet of Izmir Metro totals 87 vehicles (45 ABB Vehicles – 15 MD, 30 M, 1996 model; 32 CSR – 2011 model).  The company transports around 350,000 passengers per day, representing 34% share in the total number of passengers transported via  public transport modes. Izmir has 11.2 km of metro line and an 80 km of suburban rail network (transporting 280,000 passengers per day).

In October 2014, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality launched a tender to procure 85 light rail train vehicles to support the increasing ridership between transfer stations as well as the new metro stations that will soon be in service as part of the metro extension projects.


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