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Kalugaputmash presents MTM-45 rail multi-purpose traction module

Russian Kalugaputmash rail vehicle plant, part of Sinara Group, has presented its MTM-45 rail multi-purpose traction module, designed for hauling freight within the industrial areas and marshalling yards. 

The radio-controlled, dual axis module features a diesel engine, hydrostatic drive transmission and braking system. MTM 45 is controlled by a single operator using radio remote control system, with panels mounted directly in the vehicle. The module has been tested for shunting weights of 300 tons. Depending on the characteristics of the engine the module has a maximum a tractive force of 90 kN (MTM-45) or 135 kN (MTM-45M). Both versions reach speeds up to 14 km/h.

According to Andrei Antropov, Director General  of Kalugaputmash plant, the multi-purpose rail traction module MTM-45 can effectively be used by metallurgical, chemical, oil & gas, power generation and mechanical engineering companies. “The module on a can tow up to 2,000 tons. MTM-45 is extremely easy to maintain, it has low operating costs and the module operation can be carried out by a one operator”, said Antropov.

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