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Kapsch provides RFF with next generation all-IP core network

RFF (Réseau Ferré de France) and Synerail have appointed Kapsch CarrierCom, the global specialist for railway communications, to accelerate the modernization of the existing GSM-R network with a next generation all-IP core solution based on the new Kapsch R4 architecture. The system will provide RFF and Synerail enhanced reliability and is the basis for innovative applications such as Railway Emergency Call (eREC) or train geolocation.

 The new RFF all-IP core network will include: geo-redundant Call Servers, Media Gateways (MGW), Home Location Registers (HLR), Service Control Point (SCP), next generation Kairos Mobile Switching Center (MSC) as well as maintenance services until 2030. The components will be deployed together with Synerail by December 2015 along almost 15,000 kilometers of the rail track already equipped with Kapsch GSM-R technology.

 Since 2003, Kapsch has been working with RFF then with Synerail. The recently signed contract is further recognition of the expertise and the operational know-how Kapsch has in the area of railway communications. “In line with this contract by RFF and Synerail, Kapsch provides an IP core network which is based on the latest technology. The long term partnership with RFF is based on a deep knowledge we have of our customers’ needs and expectations as well as our technological expertise,” says Michel Clement, Vice-President Railways of Kapsch CarrierCom.

With more than 15 years of experience in the development of innovative communication networks, Kapsch is dedicated to offering advanced technologies to GSM-R operators. The next generation GSM-R voice core solution, based on IP technology, delivers the reliability, robustness and flexibility expected by railways operators. Kapsch CarrierCom next generation core solution is trusted by some of the largest railway operators in the world such as in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, among others.

 RFF: The French railway system, Réseau Ferré de France develops, modernizes and markets access to the rail network in accordance with the principles of regional, national and European territorial solidarity. RFF is France’s second biggest investor and has a 1,600-strong workforce for a turnover of 5.69 billion euros in 2013. RFF has the task of managing a modernization plan and enforcing national new line development policy. Four high speed lines are under construction. In 2017, 800 km of new high speed lines will be implemented. Over its 30,000 km of lines, RFF is responsible for providing fair and equal access to the French railway network for all its rail passengers and freight transport customers.

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