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Kiev Metropolitan to continue upgrading the rolling stock fleet with Japanese support

Kiev City State Administration is interested in continuing the cooperation with the Government of Japan in regarding the modernisation of Kiev Metropolitan rolling stock fleet, based on the global-warming emissions trading contracts between the two countries.

“The city is interested in modernising additional metro cars type E, Ezh and Em servicing on Sviatoshynsko – Brovarska line. This will allow not only reduce the energy consumption by 43%, but also cut down the amount of repairs and maintenance and costs“, stated Alexander Kava, Kiev City transport adviser. 

By the end of next month the upgrading of 95  metro cars (E and Ezh) is expected to be completed as subject of a USD 134m contract signed by Kiev Metropolitan with Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works (KVSZ) in 2012. Modernisation works include the complete upgrade of the car body, the installation of new asynchronous traction motors  and new power equipment.

ITOCHU Corporation is among the Japanese companies involved in the Green Investment Scheme. The company has concluded an agreement with KVSZ to supply machinery for 95 subway cars. The machinery, electrical items and brake systems, was supplied by Japanese companies including Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. The contract value amounted to around EUR 41 million. 

In 2013, ITOCHU ordered Transport Engineering Company (J-TREC), a subsidiary of East Japan Railway Company (JR East) for under floor equipment layout design work, system design work and on site training for Kiev Metro staff related to exchange of main electrical equipment including main circuit, auxiliary circuit and brake equipment.

Green Investment Scheme (GIS) scheme refers to the portion of international emissions trading under Article 17 of the Kyoto Protocol that designates the use of funds related to transfers of AAU, etc. for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental strategies. For Ukraine, GIS was signed between the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, an independent administrative agency (NEDO), and the State Environmental Investment Agency of Ukraine. 


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