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Linz Transport Authority orders 6 additional Cityrunners trams

Bombardier Transportation has received an order for another six FLEXITY 100% low-floor trams. The contract is valued at approximately EUR 19 million. The new vehicles will be used on the tram extension to Traun.

Bombardier will manufacture the new FLEXITY trams at its Vienna site and delivery of the first vehicles is scheduled for mid-2015. This order is the fifth occasion that the Linz Transport Authority has opted for Bombardier trams. The vehicles, called “Cityrunners”, have been in use in Linz since 2001.

Erich Haider, Executive Director, LINZ AG, said: “The long-standing cooperation between Bombardier and LINZ AG LINIEN has been excellent for years. Leading-edge technology trams stand for safety, comfort, energy efficiency and design at its best. I look forward to putting another six Cityrunners into service on the tram extension to Traun.”

At the end of May 2009, a further milestone in the collaboration of the two partners was achieved with the launch of the new Pöstlingbergbahn in a retro-design. The new trams were awarded the Red Dot Design Honourable Mention in 2010 and have been in successful revenue service since 2011.

The FLEXITY trams are 40 m long, 2.3 m wide and able to accommodate 224 passengers. The functional interior design elements of the new vehicle integrate many years of day-to-day operational experience. The vehicles are reliable and accessible to mobility impaired passengers. The enhanced passenger comfort results from the combination of 100% low-floor technology and conventional wheel-set bogies.

Since 2012, the innovative Bombardier maintenance scheme has proven highly successful with the Linz Transport Authority. The fleet maintenance expertise is provided by Bombardier and the maintenance work is carried out by Linz Transport Authority employees on their own premises at Bombardier’s expense. By bundling the core competencies of Bombardier and the Linz Transport Authority, maintenance costs are reduced and the long-term service lifetime of the trams is guaranteed.

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