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Lithuania presents cargo services to Chinese businessmen already active in Belarus

On the 2-4 April, a delegation of Chinese businessmen active in Belarus will have series of meetings with representatives of the Lithuanian Government, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Economy, Enterprise Lithuania, Invest Lithuania, Lithuanian Railways, Klaipeda State Seaport Authority.
According to Stasys Dailydka, CEO of Lithuanian Railways, Lithuanian transporters seek to link China, one of the most powerful economies in the world, to European countries through cooperation and transport.

“The increasing number of projects developed by China in Belarus and the growing generated trade have increased traffic flows through Lithuania. We are facing the challenge of moving from medium-distance transport operations to the development of a global logistics chain. We are  witnessing new links that will connect China and Europe,” said Dailydka.

Chinese businessmen will be presented with the priorities of Lithuania’s transport sector development, infrastructure projects, the vision of economic development, the possibilities of Lithuania’ logistics sector and Lithuanian Railways, and development projects in Klaipeda Seaport. “We will present the Chinese delegation with our cargo services to transport their goods” stated Lithuanian Railways’ Freight Transportation Department ,  Commerce Director Tomas Keršis. 

 Photo* Lithuanian Railways

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