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Lithuanian Railways launches VIT EKSPRES new container train

Lithuanian Railways has tested Vilnius and Kaunas public intermodal terminals in advance of their official opening on the 26th of May. Lithuanian companies will have new opportunities to transport cargo between Klaipeda and Vilnius with the launch of the VIT EKSPRES new container train, to run regularly from Klaipeda port container terminal to Vilnius Public Logistics Centre intermodal terminal (VIT) . VIT has successfully served VIT EKSPRES pilot container train. It is planned that the new train between Klaipeda and Vilnius will run twice a week.

“From the transport document clearance to the harmonization of customs and booking of wagons through Klaipeda port terminals, to cargo delivery to the door – all of this will be executed by“LG expedition”, said Rima Terminaitė, head of “Lithuanian Railways” Freight Forwarding Department“LG Expedition”.

For customers convenience Vilnius intermodal terminal will have Customs, State crop, food and veterinary services. The customers will be able to carry out the import, export and transit procedures and perform a comprehensive inspection of containers. Each entering or leaving the terminal container will be qualitatively photographed, so that later, if claims arise, it would be easier to determine when the damage occurred and who is responsible for that.

Technology will ensure the freight terminal breakdown in the Vilnius region and rapid reloading of the shuttle trains, plying between the port of Klaipeda and the Eastern European and Asian countries. The terminal is built near the Vaidotai railway station, through which runs a regular container trains “Vikingas”,“Sestokai Express”, “Saulė” and “Merkurijus”.

The official Vilnius intermodal terminal opening event will take place on 26th of May. During the event, the terminal and its’ technical capabilities will be showcased and work will be done with VIT EKSPRES containers.

Lithuanian Railways in cooperation with UAB “Hoptrans projects” also carried out a trial cargo loading operation at Kaunas intermodal terminal. “Hoptrans Italy Ekspress” is a regular container train carrying goods between Lithuania and Italy.

“Kaunas intermodal terminal will become a very important link in the logistics chain. European and existing railway tracks intersect here, and all the necessary services will be provided here, so it is important that the work runs smoothly and customers are satisfied, ” said R Terminaitė.


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