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Luxembourg studies the opportunity to launch a rail-road connection between Luxembourg and Poland

Luxembourg studies the opportunity to launch a rail-road connection between Luxembourg and Poland. This new connection would link with the existing track to Le Boulou (French-Spanish border). The cargo transportation time could be in result cut by half.

The possible railway track would directly connect the Grand Duchy with Polish cities of Poznan and the capital Warsaw. – Such development would be a major step in cutting down cargo transport time. Now the majority of goods are being sent by roads, which takes up to 2 days to Luxembourg or nearly 4 days to Barcelona. Introducing a railway connection could cut this by half – says Alain Krecké, Senior Cluster Manager at Luxembourgish Cluster for Logistics.

Luxembourg’s geographical position makes it a strategic hub for Western-European cargo transport. The country has already established efficient train connections with Germany, Italy, France and Spain. In the case of the latter one, the transport time from Luxembourg to Barcelona has been reduced from 24-26 hours while by road to just 15 hours by train. – I do not have to convince anyone that crucial for transport companies are cost and time. This is why we expect a meaningful interest of the Polish side – adds Alain Krecké.

The first steps have been already taken as the Luxembourg-Poland Business Club, the Polish Embassy in Luxembourg and Deloitte organized a joint conference on the subject with representatives of both: the Luxembourgish and Polish sides. – The project is highly perspective and responding to the current European rail cargo trends – comments Jacek Neska, Executive Director of the Polish PKP Cargo, the second largest cargo carrier in the EU. In the recent years PKP Cargo concluded two strategic investments aimed at rail cargo development between Western and Eastern Europe and Russia (cargo terminal on the Polish-Belorussian border in Malaszewicze and an intermodal hub in Poznan Franowo). Connecting these two with the strategically based Luxembourg would be more than logical.

Luxembourg’s constant investments in infrastructure development are the country’s answer to the need of diversifying its business scene currently focused mainly on financial institutions and services. By 2015 the rail-road capacity of the country will multiply by four. This will be possible by the development of the existing hub in Bettenbourg. In order not to jam the city, money for upgrading current Luxembourg-France highway have been already designated and the road will get a third lane in both directions. – The cooperation with Poland could be as strategic for both parties as it has become in the cases of Italy, Spain and Scandinavia. It is just a question of deciding on priorities and finding financing. On our side the decisions have been already taken – sums up Alain Krecké.

Import / export (trucks per day):

From / to France Spain Poland
Poland 650 200 x
France x 3100 300
Spain 2950 x 300

source: Cluster for Logistics


Capacities of the New Terminal in Bettenbourg


container terminal

rail motorway





rail tracks 2x700m 4x700m 1x350m 2x700m
gantry cranes 1 2    
capacity (units/year) 80 000 300 000 45 000 300 000

source: Cluster for Logistics

Source*Luxembourg-Poland Business Club ; photo*rail.lu

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