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MÁV Group unveils FMK-008 track inspection train

mav-track-inspection-trainMÁV Group has unveiled the FMK-008 track inspection train at InnoTrans, in the presence of Ilona Dávid, President & CEO of MÁV Zrt, András Csépke, CEO of MÁV-Start Zrt and János Béli, Managing Director of MÁV Központi Felépítményvizsgáló Kft. (MÁV KFV Kft).

The vehicle is equipped with ultrasonic and eddy current measurement systems. In the future, a rail profile measurement system will also be installed.  The two-car train was designed by MÁV Felépítménykarbantartó és Gépjavító (FKG) Kft. on the platform of a former postal car, and build by MÁV-Start engineers at Szolnok Járműjavítóban workshop for the use of MÁV KFV (MÁV Central Rail and Track Inspection). The vehicle has been certified and is already used for track inspections in Hungary and Austria.

The diesel-hydraulic track inspection train is composed of a measurement car and power car. It is authorised for speeds of 120km/h, however during track inspections it operates at up to 70 km/h. 

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