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MÁV-START revenues increased by more than HUF 1,6 billion last year compared to 2013

In 2014 the domestic ticket revenue of MÁV-START has increased by 1.5%, by an amount of HUF 540 million, while growth from sales revenues from international tickets also exceeded the performance of 2013 by over 1,1 billion HUF. Contributing to these favorable statistics were the growth of numbers of passengers who bought tickets or season tickets , and furthermore the improving results of the Intercity and international segment.

MÁV-START revenues increased by more than 1,6 billion HUF last year compared to 2013, mostly due to increased sales of international and domestic tickets and seasonal tickets. The rise of domestic revenue is attributed to increased numbers of ticket buying, paying passengers. Last year almost 108,2 million tickets or season tickets were bought.

Earnings from employee season tickets increased by almost 4% compared to 2013, in accordance with the positive processes of the labor market. Student tickets also resulted in a 2,5% increase in revenues, although the number of students with season tickets decreased, but average travel distance has increased. The realignment of travel and ticket buying habits is also well demonstrated by the fact that despite the slightly decreased passenger numbers, primarily for free express train and Intercity journeys, revenues have increased.

In the most important main lines, between Budapest–Békéscsaba, Budapest–Szeged and Budapest–Győr, a dynamic, more than 10% increase in passenger numbers were observed in the past 3 years. The schedule measures and track condition improvements have resulted in a 50% increase in passengers between Budapest–Lajosmizse compared to 2011, and there is also double digit growth on Budapest–Kunszentmiklós-Tass line. The gradual appearance of the new and modern FLURT trains until autumn will result in improvements in quality and comfort, thus the railway company expects further growth for this year in the suburb segment.

The revenues from international fares also performed well, growing almost 13%, meanwhile last year more than 2,5 million people have chosen MÁV START for foreign journeys. Revenue growth from ticket sales to Austria and Germany is still increasing dynamically, with 14,5% and 9,3% growth rate.
Passenger volume increased significantly – by 20% – to Croatia. thanks to favorable schedule offers, in fact, summer offer expansion will attract more passengers on trains heading to Croatia.

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