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Metrovagonmash DP-M DMUs certified

Metrovagonmash has completed the certification process for its DP-M (Diesel Multiple Unit Mytishch), a diesel multiple unit featured with a propulsion module. The company can now plan the start of series production of new diesel trains. 
The train is designed to carry passengers on non-electrified or a combination of routes with a high passenger traffic. The DPM passenger cabin is available in two basic configurations: one for commuter routes and the other for inter-regional routes. The DMU is equipped with modern visual and sound information systems,  air-conditioning and intercom systems, CCTV, vacuum toilets, and emergency fire escape systems.
The propulsion module is supplied by Stadler (Diesel engine power output — 1,119 kW; Traction motor power output — 250 kW; Number of traction motors — 4; Tare weight of the propulsion unit — 54 tonne) and the diesel engine by Cummins (12-cylinder V engine with a displacement of 37.7 liters).


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