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Mongolia will have three huge transit railroad corridors

tomor-zam-TUYA2-285x190A trilateral Russian-Mongolian-Chinese meeting was held on December 18 last year, aiming to debate the “North Corridor”, the nearest path connecting Russia and China to Europe through Mongolia. On this occasion, both Russia and China expressed their interests in this project. “Mongolia invited representatives of both countries to construct a strategy for the enhancement of efficacy, since the corridor doesn’t pass through only Mongolia, it is urgent for the railroad’s capacity to be enhanced in Russia from Naushki to the Trans-Siberian railroad, and in China from Erenhot to Jining” stated   Yo. Manlaibayar, the chairman of the Coordinating Department of Railway and Maritime Policy of the Ministry of Roads in an interview for  Mongolnews.

He also declared that the first -project for the renovation of Ulaanbaatar Railway was validated. “The renovation of Ulaanbaatar Railway had been discussed since 1990 and projects actually began in the latter half of 2013 requiring completion by 2015, and have confirmed 257 million USD in required expenses, which includes construction work for replacing mechanical linkages, the widening of stations and the lengthening of railroad junctions.  By doing so, the capacity of Ulaanbaatar will increase from its current capacity of 20 million tons to 34 million tons by the end of 2015. In 2013, 20.5 million tons was transported, which, by itself, is the highest achievement made capacity within the limits of current technology. This is why reconstruction of the railroads and the lengthening of stations are crucial for the company”  he added. 

Source* http://ubpost.mongolnews.mn

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